This was one of my favorite talks in general conference and it was given by Reyna I. Aburto. I very firmly believe in service, in forgetting yourself and getting to work. It is beautiful and meaningful to be a part of something greater with others who honestly love.


New Era

It was fun to do a test for the New Era, a teen magazine for the LDS church. I was asked to see if we can fit an entire story onto one page. They liked it, approved the idea, and it was fun to see it in print and see the rest of the pages that has come after. I have loved the designs from my friends even more. I am very proud to call them friends.


You can see the full graphic here:

New Era January For the Strength of Youth

Provo Girl’s Summit

I was honored to be a part of an amazing event planned by some incredible women. I love every part of this, and I was so glad to help.

I got to show these bright girls what I do for a living as an animator and artist. I was surprised at the level of their questions and concentration.

I mean, what eight year old asks how a forced isometric perspective works?

*blink blink* Well, let me show you!

Becoming an Artist 1

I’m heading to a Girl’s Summit in Provo to talk about becoming an artist tonight for girls ages 8 – 12  and  I am very excited about it.  What an awesome idea! There will be many girls there and there’s a high chance I won’t be able to speak to all of them so I made this little post.


List of things to get to become an amazing artist:

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