As an adult, watching a child experience things… it is amazing to see – One of the most profound ways of seeing the world.
But then there is another way I experienced more specifically this week.

Watching your parent experience things…


It’s not discussed as much. But that is what I experienced this last trip. I watched my parents. I watched my parents watching the world around them. The whole trip geared around this feeling. Watching how they saw every vista and ancient monument. Watching how they reacted to the people in the street. I was watching to know how this trip was.

Show me how to respond. Show me how to react to each new site. Tell me how I should enjoy the food. Tell me how I should speak to the natives.
Their experience became my own. Even though we were eating completely different foods, I still watched them to know – How does it taste? Is it exciting? I certainly had my own thoughts, but the trip circled around them in my mind. They were brave. Adventurous. Many other things.

It made me think about my own children. How will I show them how to see the world? They will definitely be watching me. If I am an adult now and my parents still change the way I view my world, how much will it affect my children now while they are young? What kind of world am I showing to them?

The responsibility was put into stronger effect. I can be cynical of beautiful things. Critical of small imperfections. Perhaps I should try harder to just enjoy the world around me.
Like I saw in Ireland.



5 thoughts on “Following

  1. I love to watch my parents even now when they in their nineties. Taking them so,e where new, going and seeing the wildflowers every spring, these are joyous moments. The way they love and have enjoyed life is and always will be a learning lesson for me. Thank you for sharing,

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  2. I think it is wonderful that you had the opportunity to take that amazing trip with Nefi and your parents. It makes such a difference, who we travel with in this world. Makes the journey that much more amazing!

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