Becoming an Artist 2

Now that you have some supplies – what is the next step?

It really is the magic formula. No amount of great supplies will help without this.


After you wear your elbow out drawing, you might want to get another supply of elbow grease. artadvice5

There is a phenomenal amount of work that goes into figuring out your craft. In one of the books I’ve had recommended from folks at Pixar the author/artist expects no less than 15 hours of drawing for each section of the book. There are 25 sections. That’s nearly 400 hours, or ten full time weeks, of drawing just to cover this one man’s instruction. This is some serious business. Are you ready to draw like that for longer? GET STOKED

Having good resources is the best way to optimize your drawing time.


I have put some references at the bottom of the post. They are fairly cut and dry material. And if you’d like more references for a certain type let me know and I can refer to more for animation, storyboarding, and design.

But you should also get reference that makes you excited.

You need to fill your soul.

What makes your eyes shine? What gets you excited to draw? What gets you excited? Make sure you draw that, too.



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